Recopilación de frases, inspiraciones e historias cortas de Sustainable Brands Madrid 2017

Empezaré desde atrás para adelante: se acabó lo que recién empieza, un camino de emocionantes retos con visión de cambio…

En Quiero somos una consultora comprometida  en incorporar a la sostenibilidad en no solamente la visión estratégica de las organizaciones sino también en la conversación social cotidiana… Nos gusta definir el marketing como “aquella herramienta que invita a tomar una decisión”. Para nosotros, la decisión es clara: “salvar el mundo”,  es decir, disfrutarlo, cuidarlo y respetarlo. Por eso, sólo trabajamos en proyectos que tengan un  objetivo común al nuestro. En este sentido se integra Sustainable Brands a España hace 3 años desde la visión y cariño de José Illana y Sandra Pina (fundadores de Quiero). Ellos pensaban que hacía falta incorporar la conversación de la sostenibilidad estratégica que se da nivel global y traerla a España para inspirar, dar herramientas y contactos a la comunidad nacional y europea.

Sustainable Brands es la comunidad global de innovadores que están definiendo el futuro de los negocios hacia la sostenibilidad. Es un punto de encuentro global en donde marcas, ciudadanía y administración establecen un diálogo que aporte valor a la forma de entender el mundo y los negocios desde la sostenibilidad. Este año Sustainable Brands Madrid tuvo como temática central la Activación del Propósito: en descubrir cómo las marcas y los líderes empresariales están Activando su Propósito con innovación proyectada desde el enfoque de la sostenibilidad que crea impacto y rentabilidad escalable.

2017-05-10 12.15.39 1.jpg
Equipo Somos Quiero en el Cierre de SB17Madrid. “When I was 7 years old my dad asked me: what do you want to be when you grow up?  I said: Happy…Today, I am happy,  thank you all for these days” -Jose Illana Director Somos Quiero

He recopilado esto en modo de un bocadillo: como un abrebocas de lo que fueron algunos pensamientos, visiones, sensaciones, estrategias de enfoque de las sesiones de Sustainable Brands Madrid 2017. El gran plato principal se lo debe comer en vivo, presente, escuchando y conversando de frente a esta espectacular comunidad de visionarios…

  • Creo que nos preocupamos mucho de nuestra reputación, y quizás muy poco de nuestros sueños… – Jose Illana, Director, Somos Quiero
  • Tendríamos que construir una narrativa global de la Sostenibilidad para lograr transformación de la sociedad. –Teresa Ribera, Director, Institute for Sustainable Development & International Relations (IDDRI)
  • If you want to do business you have to work under a sustainable context (SDG strategic implementation) –Teresa Ribera, Director, Institute for Sustainable Development & International Relations (IDDRI)
  • We have the framework, we have to take this to the CORE of our business (SDG strategic implementation) – José Lopez, former Executive Vice President of Operations, Nestlé SA
  • SDGs should be a guideline for sustainability reporting –Mathew Yeomans, Founder, Sustainly
  • La globalización ha creado un nuevo tipo de pobreza: la pobreza moral- José Lopez, former Executive Vice President of Operations, Nestlé SA
  • Vivimos en una Sociedad en donde las expectativas son mucho más altas que las capacidades – Luis Cueto, Coordinador General de Alcaldía, Ayuntamiento de Madrid.
  • Las empresas deben trabajar en la realidad del día a día, no solo en la imagen – Luis Cueto, Coordinador General de Alcaldía, Ayuntamiento de Madrid 
  • Liderazgo moral, liderazgo ético: la sostenibilidad para por el compromiso – Luis Cueto, Coordinador General de Alcaldía, Ayuntamiento de Madrid
  • Preservatives with purpose: at Panera, we removed artificial flavours from our menu and created rubber, paint… to restore a local sports facility in ruins to be available for kids and teens. Putting preservatives back where they belong –Jonathan Yohannan, Vice President, Panera Bread
  • Nothing changes if nothing changes –Jonathan Yohannan, Vice President, Panera Bread
2017-05-10 08.49.15 1.jpg
The new triple bottom line:– Chris Miller Social Mission Activism Manager Ben & Jerrys
  • Corporate commitment to CSR is not enough, there is obligation to engage stakeholders externally. –Christopher Miller, Social Mission Activism Manager, Ben & Jerry´s
  • Authentic is good for business. Look for what your company authentically believes in and support it.- Christopher Miller, Social Mission Activism Manager, Ben & Jerry´s
  • Everyone can make a good ice cream but, sharing powerfull values? How do we do this? 1. Take a stand for something 2. Act on your values 3. Invite other to consensus with you – Christopher Miller, Social Mission Activism Manager, Ben & Jerry´s
  • This is a two degree difference between a delicious treat & a mess (Climate Change campaign) – Christopher Miller, Social Mission Activism Manager, Ben & Jerry´s
  • If its not risky , it’s probably not real 😉 – Christopher Miller, Social Mission Activism Manager, Ben & Jerry´s
  • CSR: Helping a charity, fundraising for….xx?! DO something that is clear to YOU no an add-on to clear your companies/brand consciousness. –Paul Twivy, Founding Partner, Core Purpose 
  • Brands are pivotal in changing paradigms..but beware, diversity can become a commodity – Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Founder, Muslim-Girl
  • Changing perceptions: google “muslim women” what do you see? What we are imposed to believe about muslim women. Because of this Amani joined Getty Images in a strategic alliance towards diversity and awareness. – Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Founder, Muslim-Girl
2017-05-10 08.51.28 1.jpg
We are systematically voiceless, let’s empower these voices – Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, Founder, Muslim-Girl


  • We don’t look at a company as a department, it’s just a company as a whole – Sandra Pina, Partner, Somos Quiero
  • Work Dignity: tell me how your workers feel & I will tell you who you are as a company. – Sandra Pina, Partner, Somos Quiero
  • Authenticity is something we lose when we grow up. Authentic people make authentic companies which create authentic brands. Who are you working with? – Sandra Pina, Partner, Somos Quiero
  • First talk about the personal purpose and then you can talk about the business purpose- Dr John Izzo, Best Selling Author & Business Visionary
  • There are two groups of people in this world: “I don’t have enough” people, “I never have enough” people. How do we reduce this gap problem between the poor and the rich? –Sirikul Laukaikul, Brand Strategist & Sustainability Advisor, BrandBeing
  • Principles of the Sufficiency Economy: be moderated, be reasonable, be prudent. Incorporated with knowledge and ethics as conditions you achieve a balance. –Sirikul Laukaikul, Brand Strategist & Sustainability Advisor, BrandBeing
  • What is moderation? Wisdom, a exercise of self control –Sirikul Laukaikul, Brand Strategist & Sustainability Advisor, BrandBeing
2017-05-10 08.51.38 2.jpg
Sirikul Laukaikul, Brand Strategist & Sustainability Advisor, BrandBeing
  • Las empresas ya no son “extractoras” son facilitadoras (Panel de Economía Colaborativa) –Rodrigo de Salas, Corporate Communication & CSR Director, Leroy Merlin
  • Poner a la persona en el CENTRO. (Panel de Economía Colaborativa) – Luis Tamayo, Knowledge Director, Somos Quiero
  • This is not about restructuring the business, it it about incorporating new views (Sharing Economy Panel) –Adam Elman, Global Head of Plan A, Marks & Spencer
  • La producción volverá a la ciudad. Se quiere recuperar la capacidad de producción de la ciudad –Tomás Diez, Co-Founder, Fab Lab Barcelona
  • Break free! Be informed, buy informed. We provide our consumers with all of the information possible to promote a positive choice (project wildlife). –Tamara Young, Corporate Communications Manager, JetBlue
  • A corporation has no purpose, the LEADER has… It is a leader’s responsibility to activate purpose of a business –Lord Michael Hastings, Global Head of Citizenship, KPMG International
  • We have a lot of buzzwords regarding sustainability towards purpose creation but, at our core values, what are we fundamentally trying to answer? Why do you exist beyond profit? –Owen Rodgers, Partner, IDEO
WhatsApp Image 2017-05-10 at 22.50.05.jpeg
This is the consumer that rules the world! As a brand: be authentic, consumers have the power – Thomas Kolster, Mr. Goodvertising, Author, Speaker, Goodvertising agency
  • Purpose its like pokemon: everybody is looking for it but they dont know why – Thomas Kolster, Mr. Goodvertising, Author, Speaker, Goodvertising agency
  • Why not use our full brand capacity to change the world? Innocent drinks created packaging that talks to consumers: “wackaging” it talks to our consumers about things that matter like climate change or other things which its only purpose is to make you smile. –Louise Stevens, Sustainability Manager, Innocent Drinks
  • The only way we can connect to our purpose is via a spiritual group/leader, a leader of opinion, doing philanthropy…? No! Purpose is a choice it it not a revelation. It is a continuous life experiment. –Arthur Woods, Co-Founder, Imperative
  • Question yourself at work: 1. Am I generating real/valuable relationships? 2. Am I creating Impact 3. Am I growing? = being purposeful at your workplace, being happy. – Arthur Woods, Co-Founder, Imperative
  • There are two meanings of evil: BEING Evil and having the opportunity of doing something and not doing it. –Arthur Woods, Co-Founder, Imperative
  • Stop talking about the things you are going to do in 2020, 2030, 2050… and just go and do it. –Ryan Gellert, General Manager Europe, Patagonia

Nos vemos el siguiente año? Vamos por más…🌱

Maggie Crespo Mijares-
Una prófuga: ilegalmente apasionada. Creativa, emprendedora, visionaria, soñadora… Caminante en la vía de la sostenibilidad: Ing. en Marketing, Máster en Green Management, Energy and Corporate Social Responsibility.



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